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Coptic Mark 14:1-11 (and John 3:16)

No Greater Love

1.nereppasca de auw peHoou nnaqab. naSwpe mmnnsa Hoou snau auw narciereus mn negrammateus neukwte nsaqe nCopF Hn oukroF nsemooutF
But the Passover and the (festival) of Unleavened Bread was two days later, and the chief priests and the scribes were seeking how to seize him by deceit/ambush and kill him.

2.auJoos de Je Hm pSa an Je nneuStortr Swpe Hm plaos
But they said, "Not during the festival, so that there will not be a disturbance of the people."

3.auw ere ihsous Hn bhqania eFnhJ Hm phi nsimwn petsobH asei nCi ousHime ereoualabastron nsoCn ntoots nnardos eFsotp enaSesounts astaH talabastron de aspaHts eJn teFape
And Jesus was in Bethany, reclining (at a meal) in the house of Simon the leper. A woman came with an alabaster jar of ointment, choice nard, very expensive. She opened the alabaster jar and poured it upon his head.

4.aHoine de Cnat euJw mmos nneuerhu Je etbe ou peisoCn autakoF
But certain (ones) of them became furious, saying to each other: "Why has this ointment been destroyed/wasted?"

5.neueStaaF gar ebol HaHouo eSmtSe nsateere nsetaau nnHhke. auw neuCont eros
"For it could have been sold for more than three hundred staters and given to the poor." And they were furious at her.

6.ihsous de peJaF nau Je alwtn Haros etbe ou tetnoueHHise eros ouHwb enanouF pe ntasaaF nai
But Jesus said to them, "Leave her alone! Why do you make trouble for her? She performed a good deed for me.

7.nHhke gar nmmhtn ouoiS nim auw etetnSanr Hnhtn etetneS rpetnanouF nau ouoiS nim anok de neinaCw an nmmhtn ouoeiS nim
For the poor are always with you and whenever you want to, you can do good for them, always. But I will not always remain with you.

8.pentaFr atoots asaaF asrSorp eteHspaswma nsoCn epkoost
She did what she could do: she anointed my body beforehand for the burial.

9.Hamhn de TJw mmos nhtn Je pma etounataSeoiS mpeieuaggelion nHhtF Hm pkosmos thrF senaSaJe epentatai aaF eurpmeeue nas
But truly I say to you, wherever this Gospel/good news is proclaimed in all the world, what this one did will (also) be spoken of as a memorial of her."

10.auw ioudas piskariwths oua Hm pmntsnoous aFbwk eratou nnarciereus Je eFeparadidou mmoF nau
And Judas Iscariot, one of the Twelve, went to the chief priests, that he might hand him over to them.

11.ntoou de nterouswtm auraSe auw auerht nHenHomnt etaau naF. auw aFkwte nsaoueukairia etbe qe ntaaF etootou
But when they heard (it), they rejoiced and promised to give him money. And he went about seeking a convenient time to hand him over to them.

Sahidic Coptic JOHN 3:16

16.tai gar te qe enta pnoute mere pkosmos. Hwste peFShre nouwt aFtaaF Jekaas ouon nim etpisteue eroF nneFHe ebol alla eFeJi nouwnH Sa eneH
For God loved the world so much/in this manner that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who is actively believing in him might not perish, but receive life forever.

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