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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Coptic Mark 4:26-32

[According to Coptic tradition, the Evangelist and Gospel writer Mark was the founder of Egyptian Christianity. The New Testament also puts Egyptians in Jerusalem when the original Christian congregation began, at Pentecost. (Acts 2:8-11) In addition, the eloquent Alexandrian Christian orator and teacher, Apollos, is mentioned at Acts 18:24-28]

26.neFJw de mmos nau Je tai te qe ntmntrro mpnoute eso nqe nourwme eFSannouJe mpeFCroC eHrai epeFkaH
And he was saying to them, "So, too, is the Kingdom of God. It is like a man who would sow his seed upon the ground,

27.auw nFnkotk nFtwoun nteuSh mn peHoou SarepeCroC Touw nFrnoC enFsooun an
"and then he sleeps at night and gets up at day, while the seed sprouts and grows big, although he knows not how.

28.ntoF nqe pkaH SaFTouw eHraei mauaaF Sorp men noucortos mnnswF ouHms auw ousouo eFmeH Hm pHms
"The ground sprouts gradually by itself: first grass, then a spike-head, then the full grain in the spike-head.

29.erSanpkarpos de pwH nteunou SaFnpoHs Je apte mpwHs Swpe
"And whenever the fruit ripens, immediately he brings the sickle, because the season of the harvest has come."

30.auw neFJw mmos Je einatntn tmntrro mpnoute eou. hennakaas eHrai Hn aS mparabolh
And he was saying, "To what may we compare the Kingdom of God, or in what way may we set it out as a parable?

31.ennakaas nqe noublbile nSltm euSanJos eHrai epkaH essobk men eneCrwC throu etHiJmpkaH
"We may set it out like a mustard-seed, which, when planted in the ground, is the smallest of all the seeds that are on the ground.

32.auw euSanJos Sasei eHrai nsJise enouoote throu nstauo ebol nHennoC nklados Hwste nseSouwH HatesHaeibes nCi nHalate ntpe
"And when it is planted, it comes up and becomes larger than all the vegetables, and it sends forth great branches, so that the birds of the heaven are able to reside under its shade."

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