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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Coptic Matthew 13:18-23

Hearing the Word and bearing Kingdom fruit

18.ntwtn de swtm etparabolh mpetJo
You, therefore, hear the parable of the one who planted.

19.ouon nim etswtm epSaJe ntmntrro enFnoi mmoF an SaFei nCi pponhros nFtwrp mpentauJoF Hrai Hm peFHht. pai pentauJoF HatnteHih
Anyone who hears the word of the Kingdom but does not understand it, the evil one comes and snatches away that which was planted in his heart. This is the one planted along the road.

20.pentauJoF de eJn mma mpetra. pai petswtm epSaJe etJi mmoF nteunou Hn ouraSe
But the one planted upon the rocky places, this is the one who hears the Word and immediately receives it with joy. noune de Soop Hrai nHhtF alla ouprosouoeiS pe erSanouqliyis de Swpe houdiwgmos etbe pSaJe nteunou SaFskandalize
Yet he has no root in himself, but is transitory, and when distress or persecution occurs because of the Word, immediately he is brought to a downfall.

22.pentauJoF de eJn nSonte. pai petswtm epSaJe. ereproouS mpeiaiwn mn tapath ntmntrmmao wCt mpSaJe eFSwpe aJnkarpos
The one planted among the thornbushes, this is the one who hears the Word, but anxiety for this world-order and the deceitfulness of wealth strangle the Word and it becomes unfruitful.

23.pentauJoF de eJm pkaH etnanouF pai petswtm epSaJe etnoi mmoF eFTkarpos oua men eFeire nSe ket de nse keoua de mmaab
But the one planted on the good ground, this is the one who hears the Word and understands it, who indeed bears fruit and produces, one a hundred(fold), another sixty, and another thirty.

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