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Monday, March 17, 2008

Coptic Mark 5:38-42

From Grief to Amazement

38.auw auei eHrai ephei mparcisunagwgos aFnau eroou euStrtwr auw eurime euounro emate
And they came to the house of the synagogue leader, and he saw them being troubled/confused, weeping and wailing very much.

39.ntereFbwk de eHoun peJaF nau Je aHrwtn tetnStrtwr. auw tetnrime etSeere Shm mpsmou alla esnkotk
And when he went in he said to them, "Why are you in confusion, and weeping? The young girl did not die, but instead, she is sleeping."

40.auswbe nswF ntoF de ntereFnoJou ebol throu aFJipiwt ntSeere Shm mn tesmaau mn netnmmaF aFbwk eHoun epma eteretSeere Shm nHhtF
They laughed at him/mocked him. But, having put them all out, he took the father of the young girl and her mother and those with him, and he went into the place where the young girl was.

41.auw ntereFamaHte ntCiJ ntSeere Shm peJaF nas Je taleiqa koum. ete pai pe SauouaHmeF Je tSeere Shm eeiJero twoune
And when he grasped the hand of the young girl, he said to her, "Taleitha Koum," which means in translation, "young girl, I say to you, Arise!"

42.auw nteunou astwouns nCi tSeere Shm asmooSe nesHm mntsnoous gar rrompe auw aurSphre nteunou nounoC nSphre
And immediately the young girl rose up and walked about, for she was twelve years old. And immediately they became amazed with great amazement/wonder.

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